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Welcome to AlKhalil For Salt Export

We’re more than just a salt supplier – we’re your direct source for rock de-icing salt. What sets us apart is that we own everything, from digging the salt out in Siwa Oasis to processing it into top-notch de-icing salt. No middlemen, no contractors – just us, ensuring quality at every step.

We’re proud of our expertise developed over the years. We don’t just sell salt; we mine it ourselves, ensuring it comes from Siwa Oasis, known for its super clean and natural salt deposits.


We Take Pride In Being Not Only The Owner Of Our Saline But Also The Primary Provider For 75% Of All Egyptian Salt Export Companies

Our operations are all in-house

We’ve got our saline and high-tech machines, making sure we produce the best rock de-icing salt out there. We’ve got our eyes on quality. Every batch is thoroughly checked to make sure it’s super effective and pure.

Our vision is straight forward but powerful

To become the most trusted company from Egypt to the entire world. We want to be your go-to source for high-quality rock de-icing salt, making winters safer across the globe.

About The Owners

Meet the founders of Al-Khalil Company, Dr. Mohamed Khalil and Dr. Mohamed Abd Elhady. They both have PHD degrees in geology and chemicals from a very prestigious college. They established best practices for producing ice melting salt.
Dr. Khalil, with his rock knowledge, and Dr. Abd Elhady, with his chemical mastery, have worked for more than 15 years to export over 3 millions tons all over the world. When you talk to them, you’re talking straight to the source of the purest salt on the planet.


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