"Our company" had been established since 2007 to focus on distribution and exportation of Egypt's mineral products, of which is very much linked to the education and higher studies of the General Manager of our company, Dr. Magdy M. Khalil. Egypt is known to the east and west in abundance of supplies and raw materials, and well connected to many countries of the world with ready logistical support and services, a main partner to every commodity business.

 The company owner in his education and experience carries with him, his vast experiences on economic and environmental geology, that has been the starting point of establishing a commercial business company, Al Khalil for Imp and Exp.

Some ten years ago, the salt in Egypt had already reach many countries of Africa, the Middle East, Europe and USA, in different varieties either iodized edibles salt in bags or in bulk vessel, for numerous purposes as: Salt for Industrial use (raw or washed), for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetology, and for de-icing for the maintenance of roads and highways during winter season.  In view of this, the opening of salt market to other countries had been explored and slowly we get reference buyers from Africa, made some shipments and continuously going year by year.

We involve ourselves with some saline to whom the owner had extend his help from 1977, and hold symposiums about "Development of salt industry in Egypt" by 1998 and "Development of solar evaporation salt in Egypt" on 2001.

These natural resources and mines of Egypt, contributing to the economy of the country, had been a focus not only by the government, but by the people who have particular interest on salt and other mineral products like silica sand, rock phosphate and many more.

We had realized what our country can offer to the world in terms of raw materials, logistical support, and manpower, thus make the country economically growing, and exportation becomes Al Khalil's line of activities.

As the main in charge for organizing all logistical support and other duties pertaining to the product sourcing, marketing, using his experience from the last 4 years till now. His wide connection and knowledge of the product helps a great deal in the success of the company as a whole.

Our team of professionals work hand in hand for the success of our endeavors, and we consider our company an asset to the world market in many services we had offered and in many products we had supplied.